Size of Project: Large

Duration of Project: 1.5 years

Project Size: Over 5,000 Sq, Ft.

Cost: $300,000

Details: Over the course of 1.5yrs, our team completed structural demolition, shoring, restructuring, framing out units, installed 30′ douglas fir structural/exposed beams, window installation, facade build out, restored tin ceilings, and T&G cedar planks for a stunning lobby entrance. This Hamilton renovation construction project was some of our best work yet. The construction design process used high efficiency materials and improvements that help accentuation the restoration and renovations. Overall, a great addition to the Hamilton community.

 A Little History: The King James project is located at 10-14 James St N.  In the early 1900’s it was home to Mills Hardware. It was a busy operation, and they needed those floors above for stock.

In 1939, Tip Top Tailors took over the premises. At street level, they outfitted the well-dressed men of Hamilton. On the floors above, workers cut and stitched garments.

But in the ’70s, Tip Top headed across the street to the mall. And those upper floors were forgotten. A subsequent owner even installed a heating and ventilation system right there in the middle of the deserted third floor.