Web: Liveli Studios

Size of Project: Medium

Duration of Project: Less than 3 weeks

Project Size: Less than 2,000 Sq, Ft.

Cost: $17,000

Details: When Liveli Studios had a vision, they had a grand vision.  Their newly renovated space was once a woodworkers garage shop.  This weathered oil stained space had drywall falling off the walls and an old duct system that needed immediate renovations. The Building Dreams Contracting team took our renovations and restorations project in Dundas and turned it into something spectacular. This commercial space has been completely renovated and updated from its original woodworking garage shop days. With less than 3 weeks to complete this remodeling construction project, the BDC team had their work cut out for them. As you can see from the photos, everything came together nicely.

During the construction design of the studio we’ve upgraded the following: Framing, new spiral duct, drywall secured and patched, paint throughout, electrical, polished concrete floors, millwork, premium sound system, TV, plumbing for a new kitchenette, kitchenette equipped with sink, fridge and a microwave venting system. By the end, this remodel was a whole new space for a whole new business in the thriving Dundas community.