Details: This residential project only took a couple of days. The now grand opening that welcomes you to the living room from the front entrance was once a separating wall.  Our home improvement work included shoring the floor above, demolish what was being removed, patched floors and installed a structural beam to pick up the load from the floors above. The remodeling of this space created an open concept that is beautiful!

Once the owners told us what they envisioned, we got right to work and renovated that space, bringing in more natural light to the living room. The Building Dreams team took only 2 days to completely transform this interior space. We love using natural light to help open up a room. Our craftsmanship ensures the project is completed fast, efficiently and within budget.

Our customers loved it, this open concept renovation was a huge hit.

In this grand office, upgrades were made to the trim throughout and a patterned ceiling was installed. A rich coat of Royal blue on the walls made this space perfect for conducting business.